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A wide range of high quality products and services


A wide range of products and services of top quality!

Forms for office business

Computer or infinite forms for matrix printers, forms and books for office business, statutory forms for conducting accounting work are made of offset and self-copying materials.

They are always in our stock and are available to customers. We have the possibility to produce the mentioned materials for other customers under their brand according to the required content.

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Advertising materials (posters, flyers, woblers…)

Posters and flyers are an ideal marketing tool for announcing events, presenting novelties, etc. They are especially useful in the field of marketing.

It is distinguished by simplicity, creative design that captures passers-by, and useful information. They are printed on a kunstdruck, mat or glossy version in various formats according to the client’s wishes.

Woblers, tent cards and stamped brochures are used to highlight bids in a creative way by providing a unique and unique product in different shapes.

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Folders, binders with metal mechanism

Folders and binders are an inevitable tool for easy archiving and sorting A4 content.

Metal binder registers are of exceptional quality and represent the ideal protection of documents. On the folders it is possible to print on the client’s request, as well as various finishing methods such as the partial Uv lacquer, goldsmith, silver and slipper method.

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Advertising blocks, notebooks

A practical and standard tool for meeting notes, as well as a promotional tool for the company.

They are characterized by durability, quality, as well as top-quality Atlantic print. The choice and possibilities of combining materials are great, so together with quality design you can get a unique top product.

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Books soft and hard binding, school textbooks

We make books of different formats, soft and hard bindings, sewn glued and clamps variants on all weft of outer and coating materials.

As an additional service, we offer advice for the best choice, in order for your book to stand out in the sea of others.

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Newspapers and catalogs

The most famous marketing tool for various types of promotions and announcements that can contribute to the placement and sale of products, services …

Atlantic bb offers the printing of large circulations on the most modern offset machines for impeccable quality and finishing, which along with quality paper displays the content of perfect quality.

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Paper bags of various sizes

Paper bags can be made in various sizes. It is made of high quality which implies plasticization / lamination of paper, cardboard reinforcement, metal rings and handles of different colors and materials. An additional note of elegance can be completed with partial UV lacquer.

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Wall and desk calendars, planners

Calendars are an ideal gift for presenting your company or brand to customers / customers.

We offer a wide range of formats and finishing according to the client’s request, as well as consulting for the best results.

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Handouts, advertising boxes with sheets and player cards

Handouts and planners can be used as gifts for the needs of your clients or customers, as well as the need for internal content organization.

The advertising box with the color and logo of your company or brand is an indispensable office item.

Advertising (playing cards) are a creative type of advertisement that will appeal to your customers.

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Cardboard packaging

Packaging includes boxes, envelopes and displays. The most commonly used materials for this type of product are various cards such as GT, GD and GC, then kunstdruk, microwave, glue. There is a wide range of paper, various colors, textures, special reliefs and coatings.

These products can be of different sizes and purposes, but what they share in common is the luxurious impression they leave. It could be said that well-made packaging literally enriches every product that is packaged in it, regardless of whether it is a food, textile or tobacco industry.

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Labels are a means of direct promotion and presentation of items to potential customers, and therefore must have top-notch printing and design to attract attention.

We offer a large selection of paper, finishing and consulting to achieve the best results.

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