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A wide range of high quality products and services

About us

Why are we one of the leading printing companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina?


Atlantik Printing is over 25 years old and actively deals with offset printing, publishing, placement and distribution of its own products and products from external suppliers. By size, Atlantik is classified into medium-sized enterprises, with over 100 employees.

Since the founding of the company, there has been a constant increase in the physical volume of production and total turnover. Development is followed by the adoption of certain standards in business (ISO: 9001: 2008 and FSCTM).

Atlantik cooperates with more than 1000 domestic and abroad customers. According to the number of employees, the capacity of equipment, the quality of products and services, total revenues are among the leading companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The company owns a production hall of approximately 5,300 m² in Jovana Bijelića bb, Banja Luka and a 553m² office building in Nedeljka Čabrinovića 2 street, Banja Luka.


The production consists of the following departments: technical preparation, graphic preparation, press sections as well as departmental finishing.

Graphic preparation consists of a team of designers who provide high-quality suggestion / advices as well as the production of graphic preparation for your product.

Daily capacity and equipment configuration are of such structures that we can work up to the B1 format and therefore successfully implement the requirements as desired customer deadlines. We would also mention the possibility of eight-digit numbering and numbering by the module eleven.

The press department has the following machines: KOMORI B1, SPEED MASTER B2, HAIDELBERG B1, B2 and B3 and GAZELA for printing computer forms.

The finishing department is equipped with BOBST (B1), BOBST, B1 and A1 bending machines, MILER MARTINI soft packing, KOHMAN packaging foam, B1 POLARI knives and lots of semi-automatic machines and landings.

Instructions for delivering graphic documents

Business policy

Atlantik has over 40 printing and finishing machines, which enable the production of the most demanding products from the printing industry, for the needs of our dear clients. The configuration of the equipment is such that it can respond to the most complex requirements that the market places in front of us.

Premium print quality is achieved thanks to professional graphic artists and quality equipment.

As a special segment of production, the department of cartdboards, which enables the fulfillment of sophisticated demands of customers in the food, tobacco, pharmaceutical and textile industries, is fulfilled.

Quality policy

The company’s quality policy is contained in several points:

  • premium printing and quality product finishing
  • compliance with delivery terms and regular distribution
  • high-quality advisory activities of highly skilled staff
  • creating graphic solutions and prepress for the press (Atlantik employs a team of six designers)
  • correct and honest attitude towards business partners, customers and suppliers
Quality policy

Mission and vision

The image that Atlantik BB owns on the Bosnia and Herzegovina market, but also abroad is the result of many years of efforts by all employees to always be a step ahead of the competition, both in terms of quality, as well as in terms of delivery speed and correct communication.

We create a vision that is clear and powerful and whose message puts all employees in the function of uniqueness and importance, creating a sense of pride for the results achieved. Such an approach enables us to fulfill our goal, which is a quality product and quality service, and is primarily satisfied with our end customer.

Our mission is reflected in our efforts to maintain a competitive advantage based on loyalty of our customers, conquering new markets and maintaining a high level of satisfaction, our business partners.

The vision of the company, on the domestic market, is to maintain and improve today’s position among the first companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of printing industry. By constantly improving the technological capabilities and capacities, it will also facilitate the positioning of the company on a demanding foreign market.

years of experience


We are proud that over 25 years we succeed in responding to the demands of our customers, both on long-term and new ones, in such a difficult market. This approach allows us to look with optimism in the next 25 years of work and prepare ourselves for all challenges ahead.

A look at the list of our clients lists enough about all of our business results, and we proudly highlight the great work done in recent years, primarily the Elections in BiH (2012, 2014 and 2016), but also the 2013 census, which was first done after more than 23 years.